Buyers Guide To Select The Best Cheap Narrow Infant Car Seat:

Before buying any infant car seat you may want to consider reading this buyer’s guide. A good car narrow car seat is one of the most important things that you will buy for your child.

A good car seat should be comfortable, durable, flexible, strong to be able to absorb shocks and convenient to use.

The unfortunate truth is that most of the compact narrow car seats are placed incorrectly because they are bought in haste which then either does not fit with the car or simply does not work as it should. A wrong seat will pose danger to your child in a crash.

Narrowest Booster Seat On The Market

narrowest booster seat on market
narrowest booster on market

There are a lot of seats on the market. Some are budget and some are expensive. Buying an expensive narrow seat will not guarantee that it will work as intended and a budget seat may work well for your car and your kid as compared to the expensive one. The thing that matters is that the seat should just work with your car.

Safety of your child is why you would buy a seat for your child; therefore all seats need to pass the federal crash test. Make sure that your narrow convertible car seat has passed the test.

Look for the shops that offer a test seat first to test the seat which will be compatible with your car and look for the stores that offer return.

narrow car seats
Narrow car seats 2019

Narrow Car Seat Buying Tips

Following are the basic things you need to keep in mind before buying any infant car seat

  1. Ease of use: This includes installation, conversion to other positions and moving your child in and out of the seat. Ease of use is very important. You might want to look for features such as a handle bar which allows you to easily carry the seat and a handle grip which is comfortable to hold. The shoulder straps should be able to adjust to the height of the baby as he grows without having the need to rethread it to the seat
  2. Expiration: A narrowest booster seat which gives you 10+years is ideal for your child
  3. Car compatibility: not all seats will be compatible with your car, therefore, you will need to research first on what seat will be compatible with your car
  4. Height and weight limits: The seat you buy should allow you to use it for children when they go beyond two years. Be sure to check the specification and match it with the size and weight of the baby as the comfort of your baby is very important.
  5. Lifestyle: If you are a frequent traveler then you might want to consider buying a seat that is not only comfortable but is also light weight and portable. Also make sure if your seat is cab and plane compatible to avoid any unwanted frustrations in the future.

With this being said the ultimate authority rests in your hand to choose for your little one.

If you are planning to buy one of the best budget infant car seats, we suggest reading the review above where we have reviewed the top rated infant car seats for safety.


You might even find discount infant car seat as the sellers often give promo discounts on their products. These best safest infant car seats 2019 are all legally sold in the US and have passed all the safety tests making them top rated infant car seats for safety.